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Is any body serious about solution to Kashmir problem...?

Dr M A Ibrahimi, IAS Is any body serious about solution to Kashmir problem...? Curfew continues in Kashmir valley. After 68 dead Kashmir remains a hell. The solution to the Kashmir problem is as remote now as it was before imposition of curfew. The authorities say that it is only 5% of Kashmiri people who are creating trouble.Then does it not indicate that authorities mishandled the situation which has annoyed rest of peace loving 95% people otherwise how the curfew would prolong indefinitely. One important realisation by authorities is that use of lethal ammunition became counter productive. Even use of pellette ammunition was criticised by several quarters. Now efforts are on to use chilli powder PAVA in grenade and tear gas guns. This will be useful in future. The problem of Kashmir is not a new phenomenon. It has been there since accesion of Kashmir with Indian Union. Since then there were Central governments of different political parties. Similarly differnt political partie